Rare Collection of Holi Paintings From Indian Aristocracy

Photo Credit: Maharana Swarup Singh of Mewar, 1851

Jehangir celebrates the Hindu festival of Holi, unknown artist, c 1635. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah celebrating Holi, by Bhupal Singh c 1737. Photo credit: Asia Society.

The Holi festival, by Mir Kalan, 1734-1735. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Maharaja Bakhat Singh rejoices during Holi, Nagaur, c 1748-50. Photo credit: Mehrangarh Museum Trust.

The emperor Jehangir celebrating Holi with the ladies of the zenana, c 1800. Photo credit: Chester Beatty Library.

Prince celebrating Holi in harem, Golconda, c 1800. Photo credit: National Museum, New Delhi.