Tattoos, Love and Permanence

Three poems about tattoos, love and permanence of love.  

First an excerpt from Mark Doty's My Tattoo in which he talks about the permanence:  (Full Poem: My Tattoo)

What noun
would you want

spoken on your skin
your whole life through?
I tried to picture what
I’d never want erased

Second, an excerpt from Bhai Nandlal's poem about his Guru, Guru Gobind Singh and his love for him (Full poem)

Laal Sag Gulaam Guru Gobind Singh
Daagdaar Naam Guru Gobind Singh

I am the slave dog of Guru Gobind Singh
I am branded by the name of Guru Gobind Singh

Mirza Ghalib's contemporary Meer Taki Meer talks about love and branding in Ibteda-e-Ishq (Full Poem)

इब्तेदा-ए-इश्क़ है; रोता है क्या?!
      आगे-आगे देखिये होता है क्या?! 
इब्तेदा/Ibtedaa/ابتدا  = Beginning, Start

Ibtedaa-e-Ishq Hai; Rotaa Hai Kyaa?!
Aage-Aage Dekhiye Hota Hai Kyaa?!

It’s (Just) the Beginning of Love; (and You Have) Already Started Crying?! Just Watch What Happens Next!

ये निशाने-इश्क़ हैं; जाते नहीं
दाग़ छाती के अबस  धोता है क्या?!
अबस/Abas/عبث = व्यर्थ में, in Vain, to No Purpose

Ye Nishaan-e-Ishq Hain Jaate Naheen
Daagh Chhaati Ke Abas Dhotaa Hai Kyaa

This is a mark of love; it does not go away.
Why do you want to waste your time washing your chest?