My songs are the sun of my world

"As the Sun shines upon my #heart, so may my heart #SHINE upon others!" ~Upanishads 

This statement from the Upanishads is such a beautiful truth.  My songs are the sun of my world, radiating warmth and brightness into every corner of my existence. Like the Sun itself, they possess a captivating power to illuminate and inspire. As the Sun shines upon my heart, its golden rays permeate every fiber of my being, filling me with a profound sense of purpose and joy. This luminous energy within me has a remarkable ability to touch the lives of others, just as the Sun's radiance reaches far and wide. Like a beacon of light, my heart shines upon others, casting away shadows of doubt and despair, and igniting flames of hope and resilience. Through the melodies that flow from my soul, I seek to uplift and connect, to heal and unite. In the harmonies I create, I aim to foster empathy and understanding, to evoke emotions that resonate deeply within the hearts of those who listen. My songs are not mere compositions, but vessels of warm love and compassion, carrying a message of unity and strength. May the light that emanates from my heart touch the lives of countless others, guiding them through darkness and illuminating their paths with boundless warmth and inspiration.

"People think this is a song. But this is the highest knowledge of Brahma." - Kabir