The happy see only happiness - Jane Hirshfield

Interesting lines of poetry from Jane Hirshfield. The following is an excerpt from her poem that was published in January 2014's "Poetry" -- Reminds me of Guru Arjan's Bhinni Rainariye, where sparkling stars are a symbol of optimism and of saints, who are optimistic. They are called happy, alive, awake, and lovers. Very similar words are used in Jane's poem:
The happy see only happiness,
the living see only life,
the young see only the young,

as lovers believe
they wake always beside one also in love.
The poet, like Mary Oliver sees the world as a poem. And the playwright, Shakespeare, sees the world as a stage. If you want to know how to fall in love, ask the ones who have fallen in love. Guru Nanak gives the directive, Jaye Puchho Sohaagni, or "go ask the ones in love."