Why I started DhunAnand Foundation

The guru has conjured music through me and for that reason it is guru's gift to the world.  Since I had started a YouTube channel in 2014, I had relatively low traffic. But, thanks to you all, lately there has been a significant increase in traffic. In just the last year, you have invested over 50 million minutes of your time listening to what the Guru has made me conjure. This is very humbling for me because I have not done any commercial promotion.  The guru is truly involved in this along with your blessings.  So I am immensely thankful to the guru and you all!

While I have been fortunate to spend thousands of hours doing what I love (making this music), and you have invested a lot of time and energy listening and sharing the same.  While the money being generated is meagre, it is sacred to me and I wanted it to somehow help other artists who are perhaps not as fortunate as I. For that purpose I envisioned the creation of DhunAnand Foundation

The ongoing pandemic resulted in severe hardships for artists worldwide. I am hopeful that the formation of DhunAnand will help bring resources to a few committed artists to let them do what they love doing. Moreover, I hope that we can develop some content to raise awareness and inspire action on climate change, one of the highest needs of our times.  We believe the “Dhun” or content that we create will change hearts and minds and bring about “Anand” or joy in the world.

In July 2021, we decided to start a nonprofit corporation through which we could help artists.  For that purpose, since the middle of this year, a group of volunteers started meeting weekly to work on DhunAnand. We incorporated DhunAnand Foundation as a nonprofit in California on August 18, 2021.  We realized early on, that it wasn't just financial resources that artists needed; they also needed inspiration, direction, help with sound, graphics, video, social presence, distribution, and marketing.  We have been working to provide resources to artists, and also organizing monthly online programs for 2022.  We are still working on setting up our social media and website. 

More Information: https://www.shivpreetsingh.com/p/dhunanand-foundation.html

DhunAnand Website: https://www.dhunanand.org/