Janapriyan Levine - Music for Joy

This morning I am listening to this new track by Janapriyan Levine, Bajre Da Sitta. It is a playful and evergreen Punjabi folk song that I have written about and translated earlier. Like all of Janapriyan's videos this is so much fun to watch, it brings my heart and soul joy.  He puts a lot of effort into his music and videos and it is truly joyful to watch and listen.  And this version of Bajre Da Sitta is easily becoming my favorite version of song.  Here is a playlist of my favorite Janapriyan videos: 

More On Janapriyan Levine and A Tour of His Studio

Inviting us to take a fresh look at the possibilities in global fusion music, Janapriyan Levine brings something new every time you listen. Born in Queens and based in California, this composer, producer, and educator bridges tradition and innovation. His extensive list of collaborators includes Grammy award winners and some of Southeast Asia’s most respected artists.