Haun Vaari Mukh Pher - Raag Asa (featuring Dr. Manpreet Singh)

Just before I head over to India I wanted to share this beautiful composition with lovers of kirtan.  The love drenched words of Kabir, the favorite raag of Guru Nanak, a gorgeous composition by Dr. Gurnam Singh ji, and the sweetly sung vocals of Dr. Manpreet Singh make this very special to me. I had the fortune of doing the musical arrangement for this shabad. Enjoy Bhagat Kabir's Shabad Hau Vaari Mukh Pher Pyaare - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19qTJv2DmhM)

I love you, turn your face, 
my dear!
Showing me your back 
why are you killing me?

I would rather be cut by a saw 
than have your back towards me
Embrace me, my love, 
please hear my humble request

You can tear my body apart
but you can't tear me apart from you
You can break my bones
but you cannot break our bond

There could be no one
between the two of us
(There could be) no groom like you
no bride like me

Says Kabir, listen people,
I no longer trust you