Wanting Sumptuous Heavens - A poem by Robert Bly

This poem by Robert Bly reminds me of Guru Nanak's advice to sing, to surrender to the will.  Instead we often choose to grumble.  I often look for antonyms for "singing", and one is "to grumble. "  Here is a poem by Robert Bly that compares us to "lesser" animals.  These lesser animals are much more content than us superiors. 


Wanting Sumptuous Heavens - A poem by Robert Bly

No one grumbles among the oyster clans,
And lobsters play their bone guitars all summer.
Only we, with our opposable thumbs, want
Heaven to be, and God to come, again.
There is no end to our grumbling; we want
Comfortable earth and sumptuous Heaven.
But the heron standing on one leg in the bog
Drinks his dark rum all day, and is content.

“Wanting Sumptuous Heavens”" from The New Yorker by Robert Bly, published by Conde Nast in Nov 5, 2007.