I loved seeing Guru Nanak in action in Vancouver

Sikh Group “Vancouver Sangat” Feeds The Homeless In Downtown Vancouver

VANCOUVER – Sikh community charity group “Vancouver Sangat” started food service program for the needy in downtown Vancouver last weekend.  After several years of successfully feeding thousands in need, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen (GNFK) brought a great deal of respect for the community and much appreciation from those it served.  The food was prepared at the New West Gurdwara and the program grew from just a handful of volunteers and limited resources to one that is greeted with a line-up of hungry people waiting for food every Sunday at Main and Hastings.  The program set an example and encouraged others to get involved.
Last weekend the Sangat at Khalsa Diwan Society in Vancouver started a food serve program that will provide the same warm and healthy food on Saturdays at the same downtown location.  Over 500 people were fed in the cold and pouring rain.  Much appreciation was expressed.  The volunteers, some of whom were pioneers with GNFK, were thanked for coming out in the bad weather.  One individual even expressed that this was his first meal of the day and that too at 2 pm.
Initially, this program will run every two weeks (on the first and middle weekend of each month).  The food prep will commence at 9 am Saturdays at the Vancouver Gurdwara and will be served downtown at 1:30 on Hastings and Main St..  This is a collective community effort and everyone is welcomed to help and encouraged to bring items that are easy to serve (small individual juice containers, sandwiches, wraps, nutritional bars, etc.).  The next food serve date is December 15.