Top 10 #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe from twitter

@damnitstrue: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe Before u talk, listen. Before u react, think. Before u criticize, wait. Before u pray, forgive. Before u quit, try.

@ddiaz_wann: Be nice with people, they will respect you. But don't be too nice with them, they will disrespect you.

@supricky06: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe when you get older "daddy" will mean something completely different.

@WhereDeeAt: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe How to Be there for my child, because I personally know how it feels to not have a daddy.

@John__Rieber: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe to always say yes ma'am, no sir, please and thank you

@TheClassyLife_: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe you can't always get what you want

@KhalifaAM: His 10 years of sickness implied: No matter how tough your situation is, just don't lose faith in life. #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe Allah yr7amk♥

@ShaikhaAlBadi: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe always stand for what u believe is right, even if the whole world is against you

@salsabootyy: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe don't drink milk and orange juice because acids dont mix with milk and you will have diarrhea

@angelinamujan: #ThingsMyDaddyTaughtMe Do what u love, u'll enjoy every single moment when u're doing it w'out nagging and stuffs haha

- The purpose of life is to sing