Sultan Bahu's poem: Kamzaat

Zaate naal na zaatee raliaa,
So kamzaat sadeeve hoo.

Nafs kutte noon banh karaahaan,
Qeemaa qeem kacheeve hoo.

Zaat sifaaton mehna aave,
Zaatee shauq napeeve hoo.

Naam faqeer tinhaan daa Baahoo,
Qabar jinhaan dee jeeve hoo.


One who has not merged his soul in its Essence
Is love in caste.

The dog of ego should be kept on its leash;
Indeed, it should be minced into small pieces.

The soul is admonished by the Lord
For procrastinating while on this earth,
And subduing her natural urge to be with Him.

Only they may be called faqirs, O Bahu,
Whose very graves breathe Life.