A gift for those who taught me - A song by Bulleh Shah

This song is dedicated to two cab drivers who gave me a ride in the past week -- Naveed bhai from New York and Asif Bhai from Oakland.  This is a sufi song I am in the process of composing these days -- "Vehre Aa" by Bulleh Shah. 

I shared about Guru Nanak's travels with Naveed Bhai and he told me about the importance of Ramzaan and the importance of learning.  He said according to Hazrat Muhammad one should travel as far as possible to learn.  Asif Bhai shared some sufi songs with me on youtube.  Both these wonderful people are from the punjab in Pakistan and made me feel at home while I was traveling.  Thanks!

So here is my gift to you. This is an old love song by sufi poet Bulleh Shah. 

The language is Punjabi. The lover is missing his love and calling out, "Come to my courtyard, my love. Whether you acknowledge me or not, come to my courtyard my love." The refrain "Ve Vehre Aa Vad Mere" Literally means "Hey, Verandah Come Into Mine."  

Here is the full song in Punjabi:

BhaaveN jaan na jaan
Ve vihRe aa vaR mere.
MaeN tere kurbaan,
Ve vihRe a vaR mere.

Tere jiha maenu hor na koi,
DhooNDHaaN jaNgal, bela, rohi.
DhooNDHaaN ta saara jahaan,
Ve vihRe a vaR mere.

LokaaN de bhaane chaak maheeN da,
RaaNjha te lokaaN vich kaheeNda,
SaaDa te deen imaaN,
Ve vihRe a vaR mere.

Ma pe CHoR lahgi laR tere,
Shah anaayit saaeeN mere,
LaaiyaaN di lahj paal,
Ve vihRe a vaR mere.

Here is a rough translation:

Whether you know or not
Come to my courtyard
I am a sacrifice on you
Come to my courtyard

Like you there is none
I've looked in forests, deserts
I've looked worldwide
Come to my courtyard

People call you a shephard
or call you "Ranjha"  (from "Heer Ranjha" - story akin to Romeo Juliet)
You are my religion
Come to my courtyard

I've given up my parents
For you my Guru (Shah Inayat was Bulleh Shah's Guru)
Save the one in your shelter
Come to my courtyard

I am still recording it and in the next few months will have a final recording. I think I will put the final recording on my reverbnation account: