ee cummings - Seeker of truth and Guru Nanak's aarti

seeker of truth

follow no path
all paths lead where

truth is here

- ee cummings

Inspired me to write the following interpretation of Guru Nanak's "Hukam Rajai":

Hukam Rajai - Path of Surrender

On the path of purity
I did not become clean
On the path of silence
I did not gain peace
On the path of riches
I did not gain wealth
On the path of intelligence
I did not gain wisdom
Walking the path of surrender
I found the noble truth.

- Shiv

My thoughts on “Seeker Of Truth”

In the poem by E.E. Cummings, the profound notion he conveys is that the quest for truth ultimately originates from within ourselves. As I delve into his words, it becomes evident that "The Seeker of Truth" eschews the conventional paths, as they merely lead to external destinations, while the truth resides within us, a truth we often overlook in our pursuit of answers. Cummings dispels the contradictions of life in his verses, making it clear that the reader assumes the role of both seeker and speaker, emphasizing that the truth is a personal journey. We all navigate the intricacies of existence, seeking that elusive truth, and the poet's message urges us to self-discovery. It is a revelation that surprises us when we realize that the answers we seek have been nestled within us all along.

Consider, for instance, the way we approach problem-solving. When faced with a mathematical conundrum, we readily turn to external sources for solutions. However, when grappling with deeper, philosophical dilemmas, we seldom seek external guidance, for we understand that no one comprehends our inner workings better than we do. Cummings prompts us to question why we seek external validation when the answers are inherently part of our being. His poem compels us to discover the truth not by following established paths, but by forging our own unique routes. To him, this journey may be arduous, but it is one we must embrace. We frequently seek truth externally, yet the poet underscores that the most genuine understanding of life emanates from within. We cannot continually rely on others to chart our course, for our life's design is our own creation. In the end, the truth cannot be sought externally, for there exists no definitive methodology. Cummings assures us that the truth is not distant; it resides nowhere else but within ourselves, awaiting our diligent exploration.

In Guru Nanak's aarti exclaims in wonder that every path has the essence of Ek Onkaar:

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