Jane Hirshfield - The Adamantine Perfection of Desire

Jane studied Budhism for 8-10 years before writing a majority of her poetry. She seems to know not just poetry, but life. She uses the word assent. I like it ... another beautiful way of describing of my dear Guru Nanak calls "Rajai" or surrendered. Approval or agreement says the dictionary. Here is the poem:

The Adamantine Perfection of Desire
by Jane Hirshfield

Nothing more strong
than to be helpless before desire.

No reason,
the simplified heart whispers,
the argument over,
only This.

No longer choosing anything but assent.

Its bowl scraped clean to the bottom,
the skull-bone cup no longer horrifies,
but, rimmed in silver, shines.

A spotted dog follows a bitch in heat.
Gray geese flying past us, crying.
The living cannot help but love the world.