Shivratri - The significance of the night of Shiva!

Last night was a dark night ... the night before the moonless night. But in Kathmandu, Nepal, outside the "Pashupatinath" temple, there was a huge celebration. A celebration of the night of "Shiva," or Shivratri. Shiva is the "God of destruction" in the Vedic trinity. Pashupatinath means "the lord of beasts." What a beautiful celebration life is ... this night reminds me that even the moonless nights and the destructive forces are to be celebrated, are to be revered.

We cannot choose. The one in the shape of Om is every place and at every time. Our purpose is to sing ... to celebrate the gifts given to us. At all times ... good and bad. Until we see clearly that there are no bad times. There is only goodness. Then we celebrate Shivratri, day and night. That is the essence of Ekonkar!

A personal story too ... Shivratri is important to me personally for two reasons: (1) I was born on Shivratri in Kathmandu, Nepal around midnight. (2) But more importantly, and with it gains significance as my Guru has gifted me the understooding of the purpose of life. I sing the night before the darkest of all nights because the purpose of life is to sing Ekonkar. That all is one. Good, evil and otherwise.