Dulhani Gavahu Mangalchaar - Kabir

Several years ago I heard this and I keep going back to this haunting melody by Shubha Mudgal. The lyrics are strikingly similar to Kabir's shabad in the Guru Granth Sahib Gao Gao Ri Dulhani on which I have written in a different note. The essence of the words is the same, and each is very beautiful. 

Raag Asa or Gauri - depending on the listener

Raag In Gurbani this is sung in Asa, while in Kabir's Granthavali this is in Raag Gauri.  It is Shubha Mudgal doesn't sing it in either raags.  I believe the responsibility of the deciding the raag is sometimes upon the singer, and sometime on the editor.  But they are both acting as listeners. They can hear different colors of oneness in the same song and therefore the decision on different raags.  Bhai Gurdas or Guru Arjan may have found the hope of bliss in this Kabir shabad and added it to Guru Nanak's new raag Asa.  The editor of the Kabir Granthavali instead focused on coloring of the mind, body and soul to the color of oneness (tan rati kari ...), therefore the choice of Raag Gauri. 

Lyrics in English and Hindi

Dulhani gavahu mangalchaar
Hum ghar aaye raaja raam bhartaar

Tan rati kari mein man rati kari hoon, panch tatt baraati
ramdev morai paahun aaye, main joban main maati

Sareer sarvar bedi karihoon brahma ved uchaar
Ramdev sang bhaavari lehoon dhan dhan bhaag hamaar

Sur tainteesu kautig aaye munivar sahas athaasi
keh kabir hum byaahi chale hain purush ek avinashi

दुलहनी गावहु मंगलचार,
हम घरि आए हो राजा राम भरतार॥टेक॥

तन रत करि मैं मन रत करिहूँ, पंचतत्त बराती।
राम देव मोरैं पाँहुनैं आये मैं जोबन मैं माती॥

सरीर सरोवर बेदी करिहूँ, ब्रह्मा वेद उचार।
रामदेव सँगि भाँवरी लैहूँ, धनि धनि भाग हमार॥

सुर तेतीसूँ कौतिग आये, मुनिवर सहस अठ्यासी।
कहै कबीर हँम ब्याहि चले हैं, पुरिष एक अबिनासी॥1॥

Translation - Wedding of Kabir

The bride sings songs of joy
Raja Raam has come to her house to be her husbad

I have colored my body and mind, five elements are the wedding guests
Raam has come to wed me, I am young and crazy

My body recites the ocean of brahma's veds
With Raam I circumambulate, what good fortune!

33 angels have come. 88,000 sages too
Kabir says the one indestructible man takes me away

On Shubha Mudgal

She has been awarded the 1996 National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Film Music Direction for 'Amrit Beej' [2], the 1998 Gold Plaque Award for Special Achievement in Music, at the 34th Chicago International Film Festival[2], for her music in the film Dance of the Wind (1997), and the Padma Shri in 2000.

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