Rahiye ab aisi jagah chal - Ghalib Translation

rahiye ab aisi jagah chal kar jahaan koi na ho
hamsukhaan koi na ho aur hamzabaan koi na ho

Line 1/2 - It is time now to go and live in such a place where there is no one else around. Where there is no one that would speak with us or no one who knows our language. The poet says it time now to leave this place and go somewhere where no one is around. Where no one shares a conversation with him or shares the common language. All the ones I have ever been with.. my friends, my lovers, my neighbors, any ones who talks to us, anyone who even shares the same speech.. I want to leave all of them behind for all I have got from them is grief and uncomfortable questions. I want to go to a place where I have no one to talk to.

be dar-o-dewaar sa ek ghar banaayaa chahiye
koi hamsaayah na ho aur paasbaan koi na ho

Line 3/4 - Without doors and walls, such one house should be constructed. There be no neighbors and no gatekeeper as well. Lets go to a place where there is no one around, and in this place lets have a house without walls and doors and where there is no need for a gatekeeper and no neighbors around. Another interpretation of it being in such a house, there would be no need for a gatekeeper for there is no door and no neighbors for there are no walls.

pariye gar bemaar toh koi na ho timardaar
aur agar mar jaaiye to nauhakhawan koi na ho

Line 5/6 - If I were to fall sick, there should be no one to look after me (to nurse me back to health). And If I were to die, there would be no  lament-reciter there. Continuing with the same theme of isolation and alienation from friends, colleagues and neighbors around him. The poet says if he were to fall ill, he would not like to have someone to look after him and no lament-singers in his funeral if I were to die. All my life I had wanted to stay away from them. I have made my home far from away them. In sickness and death, I will be in peace in my isolation.

Meaning of difficult words
hamsukhaan - sharing a speech
hamzaban - sharing the same language
hamsaayah - neighbours
paasbaan - gatekeeper
timardar - caretaker
nauhakhawan - lament-reciter