Mogara Phulala - Spring poem by Sant Dhyaneshwar from Maharashtra

Lyrics and Translation 1: Mogara Phulala

Mogaraa phulalaa, mogaraa fulalaa
Fulen wechitaa baharu kaliyaansi alaa.
Iwalese rop laawiyele dwaari
Tayaachaa welu gelaa gaganaawari.
Manaachiye gunti gunfiyalaa shelaa
baap rakhumaadewiwaru withhthhale arpilaa.

In this illusion of our worldly existence my sapling of Jasmine (illusion) has blossomed with flowers (Experiences of happiness & sorrow)

We percieve this illusion of life as truth enduring through multiple cycles of death and life

The small Jasmine sapling that i had planted at doorstep has reached the skies in due course of time.

With the thread of my mind a have made a garland of these Jasmine flowers( my devotion) which offer to my supreme lord Vitthal.

Translation 2: Mogaraa phulalaa

Dnyaneshwar Mauli has written number of abhangs which look simple but have a deep underlying meaning. ‘Mogara phulalaa' is one such Abhang.

मोगरा फुलला, मोगरा फुलला
Mogaraa phulalaa, mogaraa phulalaa
Jasmine has blossomed, jasmine has blossomed

फुलें वेचिता बहरु कळियांसी आला
Phulen vechitaa baharu kaliyaansi alaa
While collecting the flowers remaining buds have fully bloomed.

इवलेसे रोप लावियेलें द्वारी, तयाचा वेलू गेला गगनावरी
Ivalese rop laaviyele dwaari Tayaachaa velu gelaa gaganaavari
The small Jasmine sapling that I had planted at doorstep has reached the skies in due course of time.

मनाचिये गुंती गुंफियला शेला
Manaachiye gunti gunphiyalaa shelaa
Now with the thread of my mind I have made a garland out of these Jasmine flowers.

बाप रखुमादेवीवरु विठ्ठलें अर्पिला
Baapa Rakhumaadevivaru Vitthale arpilaa.
I offer this garland of devotion to my Father, the husband of Rukmini Devi, Lord Vitthala!

The poet is talking about the Maya, or the deceptive world, which exists in our minds. Picking flowers represents our full immersion in experiencing happiness and sadness, which are also deceptive. The blooming buds symbolize the fully developed Maya. We become increasingly absorbed in this deceptive existence from life to life. We perceive this illusion as a truth that endures through countless cycles of death and rebirth. I have used this worldly Maya (Jasmine flowers) to cultivate unshakable devotion to Lord Vitthala. The act of making a garland from the flowers signifies bhakti, or devotion. The poet offers this garland to the Lord Vitthala.