God as Friend

Observations on Friendship and God ...

1. Emily Dickinson mentions the preference of the divine over friend, because "God remembers the longest" ... he is even preferred over the friend to whom your death matters ("is potential").  

Death is potential to that Man
Who dies — and to his friend —
Beyond that — unconspicuous
To Anyone but God —

Of these Two — God remembers
The longest — for the friend —
Is integral — and therefore [Is] subsequent
Itself dissolved — of God —

Ja Ka Meet Saajan Hai Sameeya
Tis Jan Ko Kaho Ka Ki Kameeya

For the one who befriends 
the one who intertwines everything
Say, what else would that person need?

3. From the book "Wild"

A 44 year old woman who had cancer had the following complaints: "I never got to be in the driver's seat of my own life. I always did what someone else wanted me to do. I always been someone's daughter, or mother, or wife; I've never just been me."

4. Material Friends vs. Spiritual Friends

There are friends 
who want you to be their friends 
Then there are friends who want you to be yourself

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The difference between the people of the world and "God" is that the people of the world are all selfish. They want you to be the perfect friend, the perfect sibling, or parent or child.  Where as God didn't make you just a friend, or sibling, a child or a parent. He made you, you! God wants you to be yourself whereas everyone else wants you to be someone else. Therefore God is the best friend. He wishes you to be the authentic you! He wants you to be Saibhang like himself. Self-sufficient.