Some Interesting Hemingway Reading For Kids

Hemingway was an American writer and journalist who was well traveled, lived during the first world war, the Spanish Civil War, the second world war, and wrote much about his own experiences, even in his fictional writing.  I am recommending the following two pieces for reading:

The first one is an article in the New York Times, Getting to Zero in which the author David Brooks writes about visiting Hemingway's residence in Havana, Cuba. David Brooks writes a kind of a critique on Hemingway and his writing, and also gives advice for artists and writers in his essay.

Questions for this reading:
In what way was Hemingway not healthy?
Was he able to write well even though he might not have been healthy? Why or why not?
According to David Brooks in what 3 ways Hemingway was able to achieve greatness in his writing? (Paras 10-12)
What does David Brooks mean by "Getting to Zero"? (Answers in para 9 and 13)

The second interesting reading is a very short story by Hemingway called "The Old Man at the Bridge" -- this can be something younger kids can also read.  There is also a list of questions following the short story.

For folks who want to read more here is a list.  For Whom the Bell Tolls is one of his most liked novels (top on the Amazon sales charts).  The Old Man and the Sea and The Sun Also Rises are two other good novels. All of these have movie renditions, and I believe the rendition for For Whom the Bell Tolls is actually pretty good.

Links To the Readings: