What is "kungoo"?

In two of the recent poems (Jaisi Main Aveh Khasam Ki Bani and Har Bin Jiyara ) I have sung from Guru Nanak, I found references to something called "kungoo."  

Khoon kae sohilae gaaveeahi naanak rath kaa kungoo paae vae laalo |1|
Sing the songs of murder, O Nanak, sprinkling kungoo* of blood, O Lalo. 

I hadn't seen this word before and mispronounced it "kangoo" initially.  Existing translations explained kungoo to be "saffron;"  but that was suspect.  I knew that saffron is called "kesar" not kungoo.  So I decided to do some research ...  

There are six references of "kungoo" in Gurbani.  All the references are from Guru Nanak.   It must have been popular during his time.  

Apparently "kungoo" powder can be found in Indian spice shops and can be used to color one's hair: 

Kungoo must have been used to beautiful brides before their weddings:

In the end I found the scientific name of kungoo in an old reference book: it was "sertaria italica." I looked for pictures and found dried pink seeds.  This must be it!  The seeds are dried and made into a powder that is pink that can be used as a dye.