Learning never stops and sparkles life

One of the lessons I have learned about living a rejuvenated life comes from my father. He is turning 70 this year but every day for him continues to be an experiment. Every moment brings some excitement. And the reason why this is true is because he has the penchant to learn new things everyday. 

He writes a blog about the family: http://preetmohan.blogspot.com and whatever topic he is writing on, whether it is "removing the effect of the evil eye" or just plain "reading", he does a lot of research on the web and continues to learn. It makes his blogs very interesting and exciting. It also gives him fresh new material to talk about at the dinner table. Like, "Do you know what the highest minaret in India is?" was a question this week and we all got to learn how it was not Qutab minar. We also got to learn how tall Qutab minar was. 

Novelty in life makes it exciting. Innovation and learning brings this novelty. As long as we keep learning, every day remains new and exciting. We have something to share with our near and dear ones. We have reason to sing celebrations of wonder. We have the reason to have the sparkle of life in our eyes. Keep singing the song of learning. 

"My mind and body are newly colored everyday by the grace of oneness" - Guru Arjan (Sobha Mere laalan ki)