Deepak Chopra on Success

Question to Deepak Chopra:
If one lives according to the Vedanta, believing that the entire world is an illusion how would the Wall-Street wizards and the "dotcom" millionaires thrive? How can they cope once they know that all their millions are an illusion? 

Once you know that it's an illusion and that you create the illusion, you can have a lot more fun. All these people who are trying to be successful, they measure their success in only one way--the acquisition of things that are not going to last very long anyway.
Material success is necessary because if you don't have it you'll be thinking about it all the time. But it is just one ingredient in his mantra for real success which includes the progressive expansion of happiness, the ability to have love and compassion, the capacity for innate joy and the ability to spread it to others. It also includes a sense of meaning and purpose in life, and the progressive realization of worthy goals--and that includes material acquisitions. If you make those the criteria for success, then you'll be very successful and you won't get hypertension and heart attacks--these are modern epidemics of disease caused by a very fragmented view of success.
There's only one kind of poverty and that's spiritual poverty. If you have spiritual poverty, then you'll be unsuccessful. You can be very rich, but if all you think about is money then you are very poor. Wealth and poverty are states of mind.