Spirituality and @Pink and So What

When you loose the most important thing in life, can you still have a sense of humor and gratitude?

When you read the lyrics to this song by P!NK, you don't really understand the depth of spirituality in this song. Just by the lyrics, Alecia seems too full of herself ... "I'm still a rockstar." But the hurt and the humor and the nonchalance really comes through in the following video.

It is no light matter. Alecia lost her husband. And she didn't understand where he went. But she is having a ball of a time. She is still partying. She is still having fun. She doesn't care about the rules made by society. She drives really slow on the road and bangs the guitar at the store on the floor. She is still friends with Carey -- her ex-husband. She has lost one of the most important thing she had. But so what. She is still the same person. She still is a rockstar with Rock moves. She reminds herself in the song that the purpose of life is to sing. To be happy with what you have. To be grateful. This is what makes this song so great.