Guru Nanak on "14 days to the moonless night" - Thitee

What i am reading from Guru Nanak today:

Bilaaval, First Mehl, T'hitee ~ The Lunar Days, Tenth House, To The Drum-Beat Jat:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

eykm eykMkwru inrwlw ]

The First Day: The One Universal Creator is unique,

Amru AjonI jwiq n jwlw ]

immortal, unborn, beyond social class or involvement.

Agm Agocru rUpu n ryiKAw ]

He is inaccessible and unfathomable, with no form or feature.

Kojq Kojq Git Git dyiKAw ]

Searching, searching, I have seen Him in each and every heart.

jo dyiK idKwvY iqs kau bil jweI ]

I am a sacrifice to one who sees, and inspires others to see Him.

gur prswid prm pdu pweI ]1]

By Guru's Grace, I have obtained the supreme status. ||1||

ikAw jpu jwpau ibnu jgdIsY ]

Whose Name should I chant, and meditate on, except the Lord of the Universe?

gur kY sbid mhlu Gru dIsY ]1] rhwau ]

Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the Mansion of the Lord's Presence is revealed within the home of one's own heart. ||1||Pause||

dUjY Bwie lgy pCuqwxy ]

The Second Day: Those who are in love with another, come to regret and repent.

jm dir bwDy Awvx jwxy ]

The are tied up at Death's door, and continue coming and going.

ikAw lY Awvih ikAw ly jwih ]

What have they brought, and what will they take with them when they go?

isir jmkwlu is cotw Kwih ]

The Messenger of Death looms over their heads, and they endure his beating.

ibnu gur sbd n CUtis koie ]

Without the Word of the Guru's Shabad, no one finds release.

pwKMif kIn@Y mukiq n hoie ]2]

Practicing hypocrisy, no one finds liberation. ||2||

Awpy scu kIAw kr joiV ]

The True Lord Himself created the universe, joining the elements together.

AMfj PoiV joiV ivCoiV ]

Breaking the cosmic egg, He united, and separated.

Driq Akwsu kIey bYsx kau Qwau ]

He made the earth and the sky into places to live.

rwiq idnµqu kIey Bau Bwau ]

He created day and night, fear and love.

ijin kIey kir vyKxhwrw ]

The One who created the Creation, also watches over it.

Avru n dUjw isrjxhwrw ]3]

There is no other Creator Lord. ||3||

iqRqIAw bRhmw ibsnu mhysw ]

The Third Day: He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,

dyvI dyv aupwey vysw ]

the gods, goddesses and various manifestations.

joqI jwqI gxq n AwvY ]

The lights and forms cannot be counted.

ijin swjI so kImiq pwvY ]

The One who fashioned them, knows their value.

kImiq pwie rihAw BrpUir ]

He evaluates them, and totally pervades them.

iksu nyVY iksu AwKw dUir ]4]

Who is close, and who is far away? ||4||

cauiQ aupwey cwry bydw ]

The Fourth Day: He created the four Vedas,

KwxI cwry bwxI Bydw ]

the four sources of creation, and distinct forms of speech.

Ast dsw Ktu qIin aupwey ]

He created the eighteen Puraanas, the six Shaastras and the three qualities.

so bUJY ijsu Awip buJwey ]

He alone understands, whom the Lord causes to understand.

qIin smwvY cauQY vwsw ]

One who overcomes the three qualities, dwells in the fourth state.

pRxviq nwnk hm qw ky dwsw ]5]

Prays Nanak, I am his slave. ||5||

pMcmI pMc BUq byqwlw ]

The Fifth Day: The five elements are demons.

Awip Agocru purKu inrwlw ]

The Lord Himself is unfathomable and detached.

ieik BRim BUKy moh ipAwsy ]

Some are gripped by doubt, hunger, emotional attachment and desire.

ieik rsu cwiK sbid iqRpqwsy ]

Some taste the sublime essence of the Shabad, and are satisfied.

ieik rMig rwqy ieik mir DUir ]

Some are imbued with the Lord's Love, while some die, and are reduced to dust.

ieik dir Gir swcY dyiK hdUir ]6]

Some attain the Court and the Mansion of the True Lord, and behold Him, ever-present. ||6||

JUTy kau nwhI piq nwau ]

The false one has no honor or fame;

kbhu n sUcw kwlw kwau ]

like the black crow, he never becomes pure.

ipMjir pMKI bMiDAw koie ]

He is like the bird, imprisoned in a cage;

CyrIN BrmY mukiq n hoie ]

he paces back and forth behind the bars, but he is not released.

qau CUtY jw Ksmu Cfwey ]

He alone is emancipated, whom the Lord and Master emancipates.

gurmiq myly Bgiq idRVwey ]7]

He follows the Guru's Teachings, and enshrines devotional worship. ||7||

KstI Ktu drsn pRB swjy ]

The Sixth Day: God organized the six systems of Yoga.

Anhd sbdu inrwlw vwjy ]

The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates of itself.

jy pRB BwvY qw mhil bulwvY ]

If God wills it so, then one is summoned to the Mansion of His Presence.

sbdy Bydy qau piq pwvY ]

One who is pierced through by the Shabad, obtains honor.

kir kir vys Kpih jil jwvih ]

Those who wear religious robes burn, and are ruined.

swcY swcy swic smwvih ]8]

Through Truth, the truthful ones merge into the True Lord. ||8||

spqmI squ sMqoKu srIir ]

The Seventh Day: When the body is imbued with Truth and contentment,

swq smuMd Bry inrml nIir ]

the seven seas within are filled with the Immaculate Water.

mjnu sIlu scu irdY vIcwir ]

Bathing in good conduct, and contemplating the True Lord within the heart,

gur kY sbid pwvY siB pwir ]

one obtains the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and carries everyone across.

min swcw muiK swcau Bwie ]

With the True Lord in the mind, and the True Lord lovingly on one's lips,

scu nIswxY Twk n pwie ]9]

one is blessed with the banner of Truth, and meets with no obstructions. ||9||

AstmI Ast isiD buiD swDY ]

The Eighth Day: The eight miraculous powers come when one subdues his own mind,

scu inhkyvlu krim ArwDY ]

and contemplates the True Lord through pure actions.

paux pwxI AgnI ibsrwau ]

Forget the three qualities of wind, water and fire,

qhI inrMjnu swco nwau ]

and concentrate on the pure True Name.

iqsu mih mnUAw rihAw ilv lwie ]

That human who remains lovingly focused on the Lord,

pRxviq nwnku kwlu n Kwie ]10]

prays Nanak, shall not be consumed by death. ||10||

nwau naumI nvy nwQ nv KMfw ] Git Git nwQu mhw blvMfw ]

The Ninth Day: The Name is the supreme almighty Master of the nine masters of Yoga, the nine realms of the earth, and each and every heart.

AweI pUqw iehu jgu swrw ]

This whole world is the child of Maya.

pRB Awdysu Awid rKvwrw ]

I bow in submission to God, my Protector from the very beginning of time.

Awid jugwdI hY BI hogu ]

He was in the beginning, He has been throughout the ages, He is now, and He shall always be.

Ehu AprMpru krxY jogu ]11]

He is unlimited, and capable of doing everything. ||11||

dsmI nwmu dwnu iesnwnu ]

The Tenth Day: Meditate on the Naam, give to charity, and purify yourself.

Anidnu mjnu scw gux igAwnu ]

Night and day, bathe in spiritual wisdom and the Glorious Virtues of the True Lord.

sic mYlu n lwgY BRmu Bau BwgY ]

Truth cannot be polluted; doubt and fear run away from it.

iblmu n qUtis kwcY qwgY ]

The flimsy thread breaks in an instant.

ijau qwgw jgu eyvY jwxhu ]

Know that the world is just like this thread.

AsiQru cIqu swic rMgu mwxhu ]12]

Your consciousness shall become steady and stable, enjoying the Love of the True Lord. ||12||

eykwdsI ieku irdY vswvY ]

The Eleventh Day: Enshrine the One Lord within your heart.

ihMsw mmqw mohu cukwvY ]

Eradicate cruelty, egotism and emotional attachment.

Plu pwvY bRqu Awqm cInY ]

Earn the fruitful rewards, by observing the fast of knowing your own self.

pwKMif rwic qqu nhI bInY ]

One who is engrossed in hypocrisy, does not see the true essence.

inrmlu inrwhwru inhkyvlu ]

The Lord is immaculate, self-sustaining and unattached.

sUcY swcy nw lwgY mlu ]13]

The Pure, True Lord cannot be polluted. ||13||

jh dyKau qh eyko eykw ]

Wherever I look, I see the One Lord there.

hoir jIA aupwey vyko vykw ]

He created the other beings, of many and various kinds.

Plohwr kIey Plu jwie ]

Eating only fruits, one loses the fruits of life.

rs ks Kwey swdu gvwie ]

Eating only delicacies of various sorts, one loses the true taste.

kUVY lwlic lptY lptwie ]

In fraud and greed, people are engrossed and entangled.

CUtY gurmuiK swcu kmwie ]14]

The Gurmukh is emancipated, practicing Truth. ||14||

duAwdis mudRw mnu AauDUqw ]

The Twelfth Day: One whose mind is not attached to the twelve signs,

Aihinis jwgih kbih n sUqw ]

remains awake day and night, and never sleeps.

jwgqu jwig rhY ilv lwie ]

He remains awake and aware, lovingly centered on the Lord.

gur prcY iqsu kwlu n Kwie ]

With faith in the Guru, he is not consumed by death.

AqIq Bey mwry bYrweI ]

Those who become detached, and conquer the five enemies

pRxviq nwnk qh ilv lweI ]15]

- prays Nanak, they are lovingly absorbed in the Lord. ||15||

duAwdsI dieAw dwnu kir jwxY ]

The Twelfth Day: Know, and practice, compassion and charity.

bwhir jwqo BIqir AwxY ]

Bring your out-going mind back home.

brqI brq rhY inhkwm ]

Observe the fast of remaining free of desire.

Ajpw jwpu jpY muiK nwm ]

Chant the unchanted Chant of the Naam with your mouth.

qIin Bvx mih eyko jwxY ]

Know that the One Lord is contained in the three worlds.

siB suic sMjm swcu pCwxY ]16]

Purity and self-discipline are all contained in knowing the Truth. ||16||

qyris qrvr smud knwrY ]

The Thirteenth Day: He is like a tree on the sea-shore.

AMimRqu mUlu isKir ilv qwrY ]

But his roots can become immortal, if his mind is attuned to the Lord's Love.

fr fir mrY n bUfY koie ]

Then, he will not die of fear or anxiety, and he will never drown.

infru bUif mrY piq Koie ]

Without the Fear of God, he drowns and dies, and loses his honor.

fr mih Gru Gr mih fru jwxY ]

With the Fear of God in his heart, and his heart in the Fear of God, he knows God.

qKiq invwsu scu min BwxY ]17]

He sits on the throne, and becomes pleasing to the Mind of the True Lord. ||17||

caudis cauQy Qwvih lih pwvY ]

The Fourteenth Day: One who enters into the fourth state,

rwjs qwms sq kwl smwvY ]

overcomes time, and the three qualities of raajas, taamas and satva.

ssIAr kY Gir sUru smwvY ]

Then the sun enters into the house of the moon,

jog jugiq kI kImiq pwvY ]

and one knows the value of the technology of Yoga.

caudis Bvn pwqwl smwey ] KMf bRhmMf rihAw ilv lwey ]18]

He remains lovingly focused on God, who is permeating the fourteen worlds, the nether regions of the underworld, the galaxies and solar systems. ||18||

AmwvisAw cMdu gupqu gYxwir ]

Amaavas - The Night of the New Moon: The moon is hidden in the sky.

bUJhu igAwnI sbdu bIcwir ]

O wise one, understand and contemplate the Word of the Shabad.

ssIAru ggin joiq iqhu loeI ]

The moon in the sky illuminates the three worlds.

kir kir vyKY krqw soeI ]

Creating the creation, the Creator beholds it.

gur qy dIsY so iqs hI mwih ]

One who sees, through the Guru, merges into Him.

mnmuiK BUly Awvih jwih ]19]

The self-willed manmukhs are deluded, coming and going in reincarnation. ||19||

Gru dru Qwip iQru Qwin suhwvY ]

One who establishes his home within his own heart, obtains the most beautiful, permanent place.

Awpu pCwxY jw siqguru pwvY ]

One comes to understand his own self, when he finds the True Guru.

jh Awsw qh ibnis ibnwsw ]

Wherever there is hope, there is destruction and desolation.

PUtY Kpru duibDw mnsw ]

The bowl of duality and selfishness breaks.

mmqw jwl qy rhY audwsw ] pRxviq nwnk hm qw ky dwsw ]20]1]

Prays Nanak, I am the slave of that one, who remains detached amidst the traps of attachment. ||20||1||