Sing like a bride - hopeful and joyful

I met a bride-to-be on my flight from Chicago to New York.  She could not believe this fairy tale was happening to her.  She was effusing joy and she spilled the joy over to whoever was sitting next to her. It was beautiful to see that.  I truly understood the joy that Kabir describes in his wedding song, 'Dulhani.'  I wish I was equally grateful, joyful and hopeful all the time.

Dulhani by Kabir (2019 version):


Translation Poem:

Sing O Soul, O soul you sing!
sing freely sing, O fondly sing!
sing sated sweet savory song
sing I hear my wedding bells ring!

Start to sing a song so complete
that with my love, five elements sing
and rain my body and mind so replete,
that you too drenched delighted sing

Sing O soul, a song so pure
as sacred vows that I need sing
on a lotus altar white for sure
sitting I hear mantras Brahma sing!

Sing O soul, a song so magical
come angels, fairies, maidens sing
on heavenly chariots so fanciful
as my Love whisks me away and sings!

Sing of my fortuity sing!
sing the beauty of purity sing
sing this mystical magical song
sing I hear my wedding bells ring!