There is bliss in the repitition of oneness - Guru Arjan Dev

"The first fact of the world is that it repeats itself" - Robert Hass

Repitition is natural. So when you repeat, you find you are home. Thats what makes meditation so powerful. The act of repeating the idea of oneness in your consciousness is called Simran in Gurbani. As I was reading this message from Robert Hass, I was reminded of Guru Arjan's "Sukhmani" or Pearl of bliss.

Here is a poem inspired by that:

That very one

I meditate on that very ONE,
That very ONE, That very ONE,
Source of Light, yes, that very ONE
That very ONE, That very ONE,

With the radiance of that very ONE,
darkness of all doubts undone
and by singing of that very ONE,
whose song is sung by everyone.

Scriptures spin that very ONE
who initially had the scriptures spun.
A single Iota of that very ONE,
adds weight to glory by a million tonne.

I meditate, not hesitate,
I meditate on that very ONE,
not hesitate, from that the very ONE,
in asking for a wish, A simple one

"Disabled I am, You know as much;
And a million miles I have to run.
Lend me your angels as my crutch,
So like them I pine for Your one touch."

For that one touch, that very ONE,
grant my wish, I pray as much.
So I may reach out to that very ONE
He'll give me limbs, I know as much.

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