Guru Nanak's "True Business"

A beautiful story about Guru Nanak ... teaching us how to conduct the business of life:

As the legend goes, Nanak Dev was only 12 when his father, a revenue official of Talwandi village west of Lahore in Pakistan, decided to test the business acumen of his son.

The boy, who had already impressed his teachers with a mastery of languages and a spiritual forbearance was given 20 rupees and told to go find a business. On his trek, Nanak Dev came across a band of wandering holy men in the forests. Seeing they were hungry and destitute, he used the 20 rupees to buy them food.

On his return home, empty-handed, Nanak Dev was punished by his furious father who wanted to know why he had given away the small fortune.

Nanak Dev, who would go on to become the founder of Sikhism replied that he had done a "true business" by serving the poor and hungry.