My Suhi Favorites

After having listened to more than a dozen compositions since the Hemkunt competition last week, I am still at a loss to find one bandish that has a lasting impact. The two compositions that I am posting as my favorites are really a compromise. I like Bhai Amarjit Singh's riyaaz perfected voice, however, I like Bhai Avtar Singh's composition in the following renditions:

I hope to add to this list as I get more bandishes. I have started a bandish for Guru Arjan Dev's Eko Ekankara, which I will likely take 2 or 3 years to record and publish here.

For a compilation of Suhi shabads, see my previous post, Suhi at Hemkunt Foundation Competition


  1. I can't see the composition you are talking about. they don't show on the post