My Sree Favorites

Sree is quite a tough raag to sing because of awkward jumps in the aaroh. Fortunately for us, several contemporary keertaniyas have spent ample time perfecting Sree. As a result, despite the rarity of Sree in live kirtan programs, there are several good recordings of Sree shabads. Bhai Sarabjit Singh's rendition of Raag Sree Raag live at the Darbar Sahib is quite magnificient in my opinion; one of the masterpieces of our generation. Principal Baldev Singh's 'Tohi Mohi' and Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shaant's 'Raja Raam' are quite exceptional as well. Bibi Ashupreet has definitely outdone Bibi Geeta Kaur's original recording of 'Rang Ratta,' in her new album 'Prem Lago Har Teer.'

Sree Favorites

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