Puran Jot Jagai

Guru Gobind Singh's Savaiyya:

Jagat Jot japai nis basur
ek bina man naik n anai.

Puran prem pratit sajai,
bart, gor, marhi, matt bhul n manai.

Tirath dan daya tap sanjam,
ek bina neh ek pachhanai.

Puran jot jagai ghat main,
tab khalas tahey nkhalas janai.

Word Meanings: 

Jagat Jot(i)-awakened and effulgent; 
Nis Basur-night and day; 
Ek bina - without Ek Omkar 
Naik-not even one.
Marhi-a memorial built at the site of cremation; 
Tirath-places of pilgrimage; 
Daya-on the name of kindness but is not even remotely connected with kindness, a ritual done in the name of non-violence; 
Tap-putting body through strenuous ordeals for attainment of salvation (remaining hungry, sitting with fire surrounding all around, standing in cold water for hours etc.); 
Sanjam-restraint, continence; 
Puran jot(i)-light effulgence of Lords knowledge; 
Jagai-awakened spiritually; 
Ghat mai(n)-in the mind; 
Nkhalas-absolutely pure; second meaning is "not pure"

Two More Interpretations -

Awakening Lamp 

Let nothing enter your mind except oneness
Day & night, rekindle this awakening lamp

You don’t need fasts, shrines, and temples
Adorn the wisdom of real love

Pilgrimage, charity, kindness, meditation, equanimity
None of these have any credence without oneness

If you want to see clearly
Light the authentic lamp within 

Truest Lamp

Let your mind be a vessel for oneness alone,
Both day and night, nurture this awakening lamp.

Fasts, shrines, temples, they're not your path,
Adorn yourself with the wisdom of genuine love.

Pilgrimages, charity, meditation, kindness, equanimity
are all empty without the essence of oneness 

To live in utmost purity, perceive with absolute clarity
Ignite this truest lamp, and let it shine brightly.


  1. So so soothing your live singing today
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