Dono Jahaan Teri Muhabbat Main Haar Ke - Translation and Mehdi Hassan video

When he is asked, "How do you choose a ghazal: tune, rhythm or popularity?" Mehdi Hassan responds, "The lyrics dictate the raag.  The emotions have to be expressed. If you are able to depict what the ghazal is saying, it becomes a hit."

He sings the word "Bahaar" in Raag Bahaar. Otherwise this is a Khamaj based raag: 

Sa Re Ma Pa Ni Sa, 
Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa

दोनों जहान तेरी मोहब्बत में हार के 
वो जा रहा है कोई शब-ए-ग़म गुज़ार के 

Losing both the worlds in love, 
he is going after the sorrowful night

वीराँ है मय-कदा ख़ुम-ओ-साग़र उदास हैं 
तुम क्या गए कि रूठ गए दिन बहार के 

The bar is empty,  goblet and glass of wine are sad
You went and with you went the days of spring

इक फ़ुर्सत-ए-गुनाह मिली वो भी चार दिन 
देखे हैं हम ने हौसले पर्वरदिगार के 

The freedom to sin was only for four days
What kind of courage does God have?

दुनिया ने तेरी याद से बेगाना कर दिया 
तुझ से भी दिल-फ़रेब हैं ग़म रोज़गार के 

The world made your memory a stranger
More alluring than you are the sorrows of livelihood

भूले से मुस्कुरा तो दिए थे वो आज 'फ़ैज़' 
मत पूछ वलवले दिल-ए-ना-कर्दा-कार के 

By mistake my love smiled today
Don't ask me about the bubbles of my dejected heart.