Problems of the mind - Sant Singh Maskeen's Lecture

Here is a translation of the lecture by Sant Maskeen Singh (YouTube video below).  The gist is that problems of the mind cannot be solved with solutions for the body.  The problems of the mind can be solved by following the divine order; and that the divine order can be found within ("Naal").

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"Paristhiti" has to do with the environment. "Manisthiti" has to do with your own mind.  What prevents what we really want is because of the condition of our mind, not because of the condition of our life.  Outcomes can be changed just from a change in the mind, despite all the problems that might be because of the environment.

Mind generally has four problems:

1. Mind is dirty
2. Mind does not stop talking.
3. Mind does not get satisfied.
4. Mind makes the same mistake again and again.

So historically, sages from India came up with techniques to solve these problems:

1. Pilgrimage and washing one's body in holy river waters
2. Staying quiet for long periods of time
3. Making all pleasures available.
4. Comprehensive education

But these things could not fix humans' problems.

Guru Nanak gives the solution of all these problems in the first pauri of Japji Sahib:

1. Mind isn't cleaned by washing the body
2. Mind can't be quietened by keeping quiet
3. Mind's hunger cannot be fulfilled by fulfilling body's desires
4. Knowledge does not lead to wisdom
5. Accepting hukam, or the divine order, is the medicine to mind's diseases.

More excerpts from the lecture:

Many of the great people we have known historically went through bad times:
Guru Arjan
Guru Gobind Singh

The environment was not right for all of them.  But all of them had the right condition of mind.

1. Mind is dirty

Bhariye Mat Paapa kay Sang
Paap is from the mind. Apraadh is actually doing something bad. If you think about doing something bad -- like killing someone -- it is a paap; if you kill someone it is an apraadh.  There are not as many people who are apraadhi, there are many more paapi.  There are more sinners than criminals.

The seed of crime is sin.

Man apne te bura mitaana,
pekhe sagal srishta saajana.

We think bad only about "others."  If you see everyone as your own, you can't think bad any more.

Sochai Soch by Guru Arjan Dev:

Soch kare dinas ar raat
Man ki mail na tan te jaat

2. Mind does not stop talking

Jab lag duniya rahiyeh nanak
Kich suniyeh kich kahiyeh

3. Mind does not get satisfied

There are temples where alcohol is given as prasaad.  There are temples where meat is served as prasaad.  Give mind everything it wants.

4. Mind does not become mortal by knowledge and worldly wisdom.

64 types of knowledge.

Padeya murakh aakhiye.

Where is this Hukam?
It is written with you.  It is written inside.  It is not outside.

Terrorists who downed world trade center, were they not educated?

ik sajan sab sajanna, ik vairi sab baat

If you befriend the sun, all rays are your friend.
If you befriend the ocean, all waves are your friend.
If you befriend Nirankaar, everyone is your friend.

We do paath to wake our mind.
Simar Simar Prabh Soya Man Jagaye

As the mind wakes, it becomes closer to the highest echelon of spirituality.

Interesting to note how Sant Maskeen ji calls.