Flowers of Love and Separation - Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Edited on June 30, 2017

Today, again,
on the string of grief
I threaded your memory flowers

Ones that grew wild
when we were together
in that abandoned desert

I placed at your doorstep
an offering to those
scented days
In the vase of desire
When I laid side-by-side
our separation ashes
and love flowers

Translated on 7/16/14:

Today, again, on the string of pain's grief
I threaded your memory's flowers
Ones that bloomed when we were together ...
I plucked those abandoned love's desert's flowers
Then, I placed on your doorsteps,
as an offering to the days of your memory.
Laid them Side by side, in the vase of desire,
the separation's ashes and our love's flowers

Aj phir dard-o-gham kay dhagay main
ham piro kar teray khayal kay phool
tark-e-ulfat kay dasht say chun kar
ashnai kay mah-o-saal kay phool
teri dahleez par saja aye
phir teri yaad par charha aye
baandh kar arzoo kay pallay main
Hijra ki raakh aur vasla kay phool 

- Faiz Ahmed Faiz