Katrina Mayer

Katrina Mayer
At eight or nine years of age, Katrina Mayer overheard someone say that it was important to write down all the goals you wish to accomplish in your life. Even at that young age she realized that this was something she wanted to do. So, on the last page of her diary, in the top left-hand corner, she printed in pencil the following list:
- Go to Europe
- Live in a house in the woods
- Write books
- Speak on a big stage to lots of people
- Be happy
When she was done, she closed the diary, locked it with a miniature key, and placed it in her secret hiding place. Occasionally she looked at the list, but after a while the list and the diary were forgotten as life moved on and she became more interested in the latest teen idol, getting pierced ears, and wearing the right brand of jeans.
At the age of seventeen, Katrina visited Europe with her family, and for a brief moment she remembered her list and was excited that she had accomplished one of her goals. But the rest of the list seemed harder to accomplish and once again was soon forgotten.
It wasn’t until 1996 that Katrina thought about her life goals again. That was the year when she almost died due to an ectopic pregnancy and her perspective shifted completely. Suddenly, what had seemed important no longer did. She decided that making a difference in the world was what touched her heart the deepest. So, she started reading every book, listening to every tape, and watching every video she could find on how to live a happier, healthier, and more abundant life. Throughout this process, she kept journals recording her journey from feeling lost and defeated to gradually finding her voice and making strides forward.
Many of those journal passages were woven together to create her first book, The Mustard Seed Way, which was published in 2000. This book has provided comfort and support to so many people over the years, and recently it was ranked in the top 20 success and motivation books on Amazon.com.
After the publication of her first book, Katrina continued on her spiritual quest. She became an ordained interfaith minister through the New Seminary in New York City, earned a Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, and became certified in raw food nutrition at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. All the while, she worked at a major bank in NY and climbed the corporate ladder to eventually become a First Vice President.
Then, in 2011, she decided to commit herself full-time to the pursuit of her dreams. She left her beautiful office and her corporate title, moved out of New York to a house deep in the woods of the Smoky Mountains, married a wonderful man, and published her second book, entitled Wholarian Vision: How to Remember Your Connection to Everything. Katrina now gets to speak to large audiences across the country, and through her Facebook page and website, shares her vision and insights with people around the world. Thousands of people are inspired to lead happier, healthier, and more abundant lives every day because Katrina chose to set her goals, pursue her dreams, and live with passion. And just wait to see what else she’s added to her goal list! More exciting things are on the way!
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