Kabir on Veils

This is a beautiful shabad by Kabir that breaks the social norms about womans' veils. He says veils are not important. Singing is.  The purpose of life is to sing, not to hide!

Kabir Aasaa:

Rahu Rahu Ri Bahuriya Ghunghat ...

Stay, stay, O daughter-in-law - do not cover your face with a veil.

In the end, this shall not bring you even half a shell. ||1||Pause||

The one before you used to veil her face;

do not follow in her footsteps. ||1||

The only merit in veiling your face is

that for a few days, people will say, ""What a noble bride has come"". ||2||

Your veil shall be true only if

you skip, dance and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||3||

Says Kabeer, the soul-bride shall win,

only if she passes her life singing the Lord's Praises. ||4||1||34||