"When I sing I live" - Singing Guru Nanak

Later today I am going to be singing this beautiful poem by Guru Nanak at the Gurudwara. So I recorded something with just a piano -- no effects, just plain and simple live voice and piano.

It's hard to sing truth's essence But I have no other option I live as long as I sing as soon as I forget I die

Translation (just my interpretation)
Saache Naaye means "True Name"

O Mother! Why should I forget,
 What is the truth?

Singing that truth makes me live
forgetting it I die
that truth whose hunger makes
all pains go away

If I tired myself singing I couldn't value
the smallest iota of that truth
even if everyone together could sing
it would not become greater or smaller

That which never dies, no reason for despair
That which always gives to fill the hunger
that is the quality nothing else
there has never been nor will there

As big is the truth as its gift
the truth that makes night and day
who forgets the master truth,
Nanak, is deplorable

Gurbani: -

So kyo visrai meree maaye
Sacha saahib saachai naaye -

Aakha jeeva visrai mar jaao
Aakhan aukha saacha naao
Saache naam kee laagai bhook
Ut bookhai khaaye chaleeyeh dookh

So kyo visrai meree maaye
Sacha saahib saachai naaye

Saache naam kee til vadi-aayee
Aakh thake keemat nahee paayee
Je sabh milkai aakhanpayee
Vadaa na hovai ghaat na jaaye

Naa oh marai na hovai sog
Dedaa rahai na chookai bhog
Gun eho hor nahee koye
Naa ko hoaa naa ko hoye

Jevad aap tevad teree daat
Jin din karkai keetee raat
Khasam visaareh te kamjaat
Nanak naavai baajh sanaat