A Multilingual Song of Unity - "One Earth"

I recently received a beautiful gift for the holiday season -- a multilingual song of unity recorded by three outstanding musicians: Kristine Failla, Akim Jensch, and Yann SolMar. Kristine says that, in a way, the purpose of life is to sing ... its a great way to show our co-inhabitants of this "One Earth" that we see the common thread in our lives, no matter how different we are. I really enjoyed listening to the song. And even more so because Kris is a friend and has a heart of gold. And from the sound of it, Akin and Yann same to be made from the same clay. My favorite parts were when all three of them join together to sing in the end ... "Imagine". I hope you will listen to it and enjoy it as much:


In the words of Kristine Failla:

I uploaded a song today that I am SO proud of. It's a collaboration with my German friend Akim Jensch, and my French friend Yannick SolMar. We each wrote a verse, and we each sing in our own language. It's a message of worldwide unity.

Akim wrote and recorded a beautiful progression on acoustic guitar as only he can, and he later added some beautiful complementary guitar parts. Then Yannick added a mournful guitar lead and the melody that he and Akim sing. I wrote the melody I sang - I would have been happy to use Yannick's beautiful melody, but I would have had to sing opera :-).

Here's the translation:

Verse 1 - written and sung in French by Yannick:
"I spend hours wondering whether
we could live together in peace
one day and this night.
I spend hours wondering whether
I must let it be or fight for this Utopia.
However this dream they want all to make it
Except to want to take advantage of misery.
Carry the earth like a flag.
Let it wave everywhere at the top of our buildings
And let us all sing the same hymn,

Verse 2 - written and sung in German by Akim:
"Sometimes I ask myself whether it is possible
that mankind doesn't fight against each other, but understands each other;
that for one day and one night
the noise of rifles and guns takes a rest once.
What can I do that this utopia may happen
and no human being has to flee from another one?
The Earth is our flag,
let it wave above us for all people!
Not to seperate, but to lead this life together!
Imagine, imagine!"

Verse 3 - Written and sung in English by Kristine:
"I don’t know why we’ve drawn these lines between us.
What if we tried to erase the lines and start again?
Could we find a little common ground between us?
Each of us one link in Earth’s one chain...
They say from outer space,
There’s just one Earth, one human race.
There is some common ground, I know
One vision we share, one hope
To build a world where our babies can grow

More on the musicians:

Akim Jensch:


Akim Jensch is a German singer songwriter, writing his own German and English songs for nearly 30 years.

In 2009 Akim released his solo album "Meine Reise" (My Journey) at the German indie label ZIPPI RECORDS, including 10 self-written German songs.
Akim is gigging solo, together with his wonderful wife Tina as "Tina Voice & Akim Jensch" and sometimes with Tina and their common friend Marco Hornig as the "Akim Jensch Trio".

Yann Solmar:


Yann SolMar is a songwriter living in Brittany. His first firsts songs in his first EP called "Colours of Dreams" are available on CD and download. He expects to realize an album, but before that he is making a few concerts in my area in a first time, before a successful world tour ...



Kristine is a singer songwriter living with her family on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. A self-proclaimed terrible guitarist and pianist, Kristine enjoys collaborating with the many wonderful musicians she is lucky to call friends.