My Favorite Raag Bhairavi Compositions

I am composing these days a new Bhairavi composition for a Bulleh Shah song. So I am listening to my favorite Bhairavi compositions:

Bhairavi is sung to remember one's love, often when the love is far. It is considered a "light" raag is often sung at the end of classical concerts. The first song in the list is from one of the greats of Hindustani classical music, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib. It is said that he composed his famous composition "Kaa Karoon Sajni Aaye Na Baalam," ("What should I do girlfriend, my love has not come"), when his wife passed away.

Although it is little more playful, the song I am composing is "Ghar Aa Vad mere" -- "Love, Come home!"