Guru Arjan Dev - Love like the pied cuckoo ...

I hear a portion of a group of four beautiful chhants (six-liners) by Guru Arjan this morning as I was listening to a recording of Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shaant's Asa ki Vaar (Ballad of hope).

Oh Heart love like the fish;
who can't live for a moment without water.
Love like the pied cuckoo;
who can't stop singing in hope of rain.

Beautiful poem on how to love ...

Pied Cuckoo (Chaatrik) and monsoons:
India’s climate is dominated by monsoons. Most of its annual rainfall (86%) occurs during the Southwest monsoon months. The monsoon is a key influence on agricultural output as well as the overall economic growth of India. From ancient times it has been believed that the onset of the monsoon is associated with the appearance of the Pied Cuckoo Clamator jacobinus.

Here are the Gurumukhi, Transliterated and translated lines:

man aisaa nayhu karayhu

Awsw mhlw 5 CMq Gru 6 ] CMqu ] (454-15)

aasaa mehlaa 5 chhant ghar 6. chhant.

Aasaa, Fifth Mehl, Chhant, Sixth House: Chhant:

jl duD inAweI rIiq Ab duD Awc nhI mn AYsI pRIiq hry ]

jal duDh ni-aa-ee reet ab duDh aach nahee man aisee pareet haray.

Just like water, which loves milk so much that it will not let it burn - O my mind, so love the Lord.

Ab auriJE Ail kmlyh bwsn mwih mgn ieku iKnu BI nwih trY ]

ab urjhi-o al kamlayh baasan maahi magan ik khin bhee naahi tarai.

The bumble bee becomes enticed by the lotus, intoxicated by its fragrance, and does not leave it, even for a moment.

iKnu nwih trIAY pRIiq hrIAY sIgwr hiB rs ArpIAY ]

khin naahi taree-ai pareet haree-ai seegaar habh ras arpee-ai.

Do not let up your love for the Lord, even for an instant; dedicate all your decorations and pleasures to Him.

jh dUKu suxIAY jm pMQu BxIAY qh swDsMig n frpIAY ]

jah dookh sunee-ai jam panth bhanee-ai tah saaDhsang na darpee-ai.

Where painful cries are heard, and the Way of Death is shown, there, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall not be afraid.

kir kIriq goivMd guxIAY sgl pRwCq duK hry ]

kar keerat govind gunee-ai sagal paraachhat dukh haray.

Sing the Kirtan, the Praises of the Lord of the Universe, and all sins and sorrows shall depart.

khu nwnk CMq goivMd hir ky mn hir isau nyhu kryhu AYsI mn pRIiq hry ]1]

kaho naanak chhant govind har kay man har si-o nayhu karayhu aisee man pareet haray. ||1||

Says Nanak, chant the Hymns of the Lord, the Lord of the Universe, O mind, and enshrine love for the Lord; love the Lord this way in your mind. ||1||

jYsI mCulI nIr ieku iKnu BI nw DIry mn AYsw nyhu kryhu ]

jaisee machhulee neer ik khin bhee naa Dheeray man aisaa nayhu karayhu.

As the fish loves the water, and is not content even for an instant outside it, O my mind, love the Lord in this way.

jYsI cwiqRk ipAws iKnu iKnu bUMd cvY brsu suhwvy myhu ]

jaisee chaatrik pi-aas khin khin boond chavai baras suhaavay mayhu.

Like the song-bird, thirsting for the rain-drops, chirping each and every moment to the beautiful rain clouds.

hir pRIiq krIjY iehu mnu dIjY Aiq lweIAY icqu murwrI ]

har pareet kareejai ih man deejai at laa-ee-ai chit muraaree.

So love the Lord, and give to Him this mind of yours; totally focus your consciousness on the Lord.

mwnu n kIjY srix prIjY drsn kau bilhwrI ]

maan na keejai saran pareejai darsan ka-o balihaaree.

Do not take pride in yourself, but seek the Sanctuary of the Lord, and make yourself a sacrifice to the Blessed Vision of His Darshan.

gur supRsMny imlu nwh ivCuMny Dn dydI swcu snyhw ]

gur suparsannay mil naah vichhunay Dhan daydee saach sanayhaa.

When the Guru is totally pleased, the separated soul-bride is re-united with her Husband Lord; she sends the message of her true love.

khu nwnk CMq Anµq Twkur ky hir isau kIjY nyhw mn AYsw nyhu kryhu ]2]

kaho naanak chhant anant thaakur kay har si-o keejai nayhaa man aisaa nayhu karayhu. ||2||

Says Nanak, chant the Hymns of the Infinite Lord Master; O my mind, love Him and enshrine such love for Him. ||2||

ckvI sUr snyhu icqvY Aws GxI kid idnIAru dyKIAY ]

chakvee soor sanayhu chitvai aas ghanee kad dinee-ar daykhee-ai.

The chakvi bird is in love with the sun, and thinks of it constantly; her greatest longing is to behold the dawn.

koikl AMb prIiq cvY suhwvIAw mn hir rMgu kIjIAY ]

kokil amb pareet chavai suhaavee-aa man har rang keejee-ai.

The cuckoo is in love with the mango tree, and sings so sweetly. O my mind, love the Lord in this way.

hir pRIiq krIjY mwnu n kIjY iek rwqI ky hiB pwhuixAw ]

har pareet kareejai maan na keejai ik raatee kay habh paahuni-aa.

Love the Lord, and do not take pride in yourself; everyone is a guest for a single night.

Ab ikAw rMgu lwieE mohu rcwieE nwgy Awvx jwvixAw ]

ab ki-aa rang laa-i-o moh rachaa-i-o naagay aavan jaavani-aa.

Now, why are you entangled in pleasures, and engrossed in emotional attachment? Naked we come, and naked we go.

iQru swDU srxI pVIAY crxI Ab tUtis mohu ju ikqIAY ]

thir saaDhoo sarnee parhee-ai charnee ab tootas moh jo kitee-ai.

Seek the eternal Sanctuary of the Holy and fall at their feet, and the attachments which you feel shall depart.

khu nwnk CMq dieAwl purK ky mn hir lwie prIiq kb idnIAru dyKIAY ]3]

kaho naanak chhant da-i-aal purakh kay man har laa-ay pareet kab dinee-ar daykhee-ai. ||3||

Says Nanak, chant the Hymns of the Merciful Lord God, and enshrine love for the Lord, O my mind; otherwise, how will you come to behold the dawn? ||3||

inis kurMk jYsy nwd suix sRvxI hIau ifvY mn AYsI pRIiq kIjY ]

nis kurank jaisay naad sun sarvanee hee-o divai man aisee pareet keejai.

Like the deer in the night, who hears the sound of the bell and gives his heart - O my mind, love the Lord in this way.

jYsI qruix Bqwr aurJI iprih isvY iehu mnu lwl dIjY ]

jaisee tarun bhataar urjhee pireh sivai ih man laal deejai.

Like the wife, who is bound by love to her husband, and serves her beloved - like this, give your heart to the Beloved Lord.

mnu lwlih dIjY Bog krIjY hiB KusIAw rMg mwxy ]

man laaleh deejai bhog kareejai habh khusee-aa rang maanay.

Give your heart to your Beloved Lord, and enjoy His bed, and enjoy all pleasure and bliss.

ipru Apnw pwieAw rMgu lwlu bxwieAw Aiq imilE imqR icrwxy ]

pir apnaa paa-i-aa rang laal banaa-i-aa at mili-o mitar chiraanay.

I have obtained my Husband Lord, and I am dyed in the deep crimson color of His Love; after such a long time, I have met my Friend.

guru QIAw swKI qw ifTmu AwKI ipr jyhw Avru n dIsY ]

gur thee-aa saakhee taa ditham aakhee pir jayhaa avar na deesai.

When the Guru became my advocate, then I saw the Lord with my eyes. No one else looks like my Beloved Husband Lord.

khu nwnk CMq dieAwl mohn ky mn hir crx ghIjY AYsI mn pRIiq kIjY ]4]1]4]

kaho naanak chhant da-i-aal mohan kay man har charan gaheejai aisee man pareet keejai. ||4||1||4||

Says Nanak, chant the Hymns of the merciful and fascinating Lord, O mind. Grasp the lotus feet of the Lord, and enshrine such love for Him in your mind. ||4||1||4||