The Kirpa Dhaar Project

Ushering Music and Oneness During Covid-19 Pandemic

2020 is a a tough year for a lot of people because of the pandemic. While quarantined for several months in our home in California, I worked on several uplifting shabads. These shabads make love proximate, even as we are all physically distant due to the concerns of spreading of the virus. I believe this album will provide strength, peace and joy at a time when grief, fear and uncertainty has gripped the world. 

Included in series of shabads is Kirpa Dhaara prayer for saving the burning world by Guru Amar Das. Other shabads in this project include Shri HarkrishanJo Mange (Sarangi Version), Tati Vao Na Lagai and ArdaasThere are many more shabads on soundcloud than the ones that are released on youtube and other streaming platforms. 

YouTube Playlist

Some of the Videos of uplifting shabads are on this YouTube Playlist


Audio on SoundCloud

I might not make videos for each track for this album but you can find the audio here: