Dayaar e Ishq Main Apna Muqaam Paida Kar - Allama Iqbal, Lyrics and Translation

Performance by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Performance by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Ghazal in English and Hindi, followed by translation

dayār-e-ishq meñ apnā maqām paidā kar 
nayā zamāna na.e sub.h o shaam paidā kar 

ḳhudā agar dil-e-fitrat-shanās de tujh ko 
sukūt-e-lāla-o-gul se kalām paidā kar 

uThā na shīshagarān-e-farañg ke ehsāñ 
sifāl-e-hind se miinā o jaam paidā kar 

maiñ shāḳh-e-tāk huuñ merī ġhazal hai merā samar 
mire samar se mai-e-lāla-fām paidā kar 

mirā tarīq amīrī nahīñ faqīrī hai 
ḳhudī na bech ġharībī meñ naam paidā kar 

दयार-ए-इश्क़ में अपना मक़ाम पैदा कर 
नया ज़माना नए सुब्ह ओ शाम पैदा कर 

ख़ुदा अगर दिल-ए-फ़ितरत-शनास दे तुझ को 
सुकूत-ए-लाला-ओ-गुल से कलाम पैदा कर 

उठा न शीशागरान-ए-फ़रंग के एहसाँ 
सिफ़ाल-ए-हिन्द से मीना ओ जाम पैदा कर 

मैं शाख़-ए-ताक हूँ मेरी ग़ज़ल है मेरा समर 
मिरे समर से मय-ए-लाला-फ़ाम पैदा कर 

मिरा तरीक़ अमीरी नहीं फ़क़ीरी है 
ख़ुदी न बेच ग़रीबी में नाम पैदा कर 

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Performance and Translation: 

Tera Johar He Noori, Paak Hai Tu
Farogh-e-Deeda-e-Aflaak Hai Tu
Tere Saidhe Zaboo Aa-Farishta-o-hoor
Kay Shaheen-e-Shahe Lo-Laak Hai Tu
The crux of your creation is Noor (light), You are pure
Heavenly eyes want to see your progress
Angels and Beautiful Maidens are for you
You are an Eagle of God’s Beloved (Shah) the owner of lo-laak (realm where no one can go)
Hakimi Nay Musalmani Khudi Ki
Kalimi Ramz-e-Pinhani Khudi Ki
Tujhe Gur Fakr-o-Shahi Ka Bata Doon
Ghareebi Mein Nigehbani Khudhi Ki
Wisdom is when Khudi reaches climax and becomes Muslim
Hidden secret to Khudi is when one can start talking with God
Let me tell you the secret of poverty and richness
In poverty you be guardian of Khudi
Dyar-e-Ishq Mein Apna Maqaam Paida Ker

Set your own standard in the realm of love!
(Create a place for thyself in the realm of love;)
Zindagani Hai Sadaf Qatra-e-Nesa Hai Khudhi
Woh Sadaf Kya Ke Jo Qatre Ko Gohar Ker Na Sakay
Life is like an Oyster Seashell, Khudi is a droplet of irritant
What’s the worth of an Oyster Seashell? If it cant create a Pearl from an irritant
(Foreign irritants stimulates nacre production within Oyster Seashell to create a Pearl)
Ho Agar Khudnegaro, Khudgaro, Khudgeer Khudi
Yeh Bhi Mumkin Hai Ke Tu Mout Se Bhi Mar Na Sakay
If Khudi is under these qualities “Self vigilance”, “Self molding”, “Self Critical”
Then Its possible that even death cant kill you
Dyar-e-Ishq Mein Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard in the realm of love!
(Create a place for thyself in the realm of love;)
Khudi Ki Jalwatoon Mein Mustafai
Khudi Ki Khalwatoon Mein Kibriai
Zameeno Asmano Arsh-o-Kursi
Khudi Ki Zud Mein He Saari Khudai
When Khudi is apparent then its Prophet-hood
When Khudi is hidden then its Divine
Earth, Skies, Heaven and Throne
Way to God is in the grip of Khudi
Deikh, Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Look!…Set your own standard
Tere Seene Mein Daam He, Dil Nahi Hai
Tera Daam Garmian Mehfil Nahin Hai
Guzar Ja Aqal Se Agay, Ke Yeh Noor
Charagh-e-Raah He Hai, Manzil Nahin Hai
In your chest is heartbeat, but no passion no emotions
Your heartbeat is not capable to stir up or warm-up the congregation
Go beyond the realm of logic, that this light (Noor)
Is a light to a path, but its not final destination
Deikh, Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Look!…Set your own standard
Phir Charagh-e-Lala Se Roshan Hoay Koh-o-Daman
Mujh Ko Phir Naghmon Pe Uqsanay Laga Murgh-e-Chaman
Apne Mun Mein Doob Ker Baja Suragh-e-Zindagi
Tu Agar Mera Nahi Banta Na Bun… Apna To Bun
Then, Tulips Blossoming have brought life to Mountains and Valleys
Seeing this scenery and Birds singing; its tempting me to sing as well
Dive within yourself and find the secret of life
If you dislike following me, then don’t! but at least listen to your own self
Mun Ki Dunya Mun Ki Dunya Sooz-o-Masti Jazb-o-Shouq
Tan Ki Dunya Tun Ki Dunya Sood-o-Sauda Makr-o-Fun
Mun Ki Doulat Haath Aati Hai To Phir Jaati Nahi
Tan Ki Daulat Chaaon Hai Aata Hai Dhan Jata Hai Dhan
Inward world is feelings-emotions, and passion-interests
Outward world is bargain-dealings, and deception-art
When one attains inward wealth then one never looses it
Outward wealth is like a shadow, Money comes and goes
Mun Ki Dunya Mein Na Paya Mein Ne Afrangi Ka Raaj
Mun Ki Dunya Mein Na Dekhe Mein Ne Shaikh-o-Brahman
Paani Paani Ker Gayi Mujh Ko Qalandar Ki Yeh Baat
Tu Jhuka Jab Ghair Ke Agay Na Mun Tera Na Tan
In inward world I don’t find the throne of Britishers
In inward world I didn’t find Sheikhs nor Brahmins
This message of saint made me humble and brought humility
When you protest in front of others you lose both inner and outer world
Abb to, Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
At least Now!…Set your own standard
Nahin Tera Nashemen Qasr-e-sultani Ke Gumbat Per
Tu Shaheen He Basera Ker Paharon Ki Chatano Mein
Your abode is not on the domes and palaces of sultans
You are an Eagle, traverse and dwell through the heights of mountains
(You were not made to take things lightly and relax, you were made to face challenges head-on and overcome them)
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Khudi Mein Gum He Khudai, Talaash Ker Ghafil
Yehi He Tere Leyee Abb Salah-e-Kaar Ki Raah
Hadith-e-Dil Kisi Darwaish Bay-Qaleem Se Pooch
Khuda Kere Tujhe Tere Maqam Se Agah
Path to God is hidden in Khudi, Find it! Oh the one who has neglected
This is now the way of your salvation and reawakening
Ask the one who has achieved contentment about situation of his heart
I pray that God makes you aware of your true status
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Nigah-e-Fakr Mein Shaan-e-Sikandri Kya Hai
Khiraj Ki Jo Gadda Ho Woh Qaisri Kya Hai
Buttoan Se Tujh Ko Umeedain Khuda Se Na Umeedi
Mujhe Bataa To Sahih Aur Kaafri Kya Hai
In the eyesight of Fakr (contentment) what is the glory of Alexander?
What is that Cesar? Who is begging and is in need of taxation from his subjects
You have tied your hopes with Idols, and from God you have no hope or expectations
Tell me!! what could be more infidelity/disbelief than this?
Faqat Nigah Se Hota He Faisla Dil Ka
Na Ho Nigah Mein Shokhi To Dill Barri Kya Hai
Kise Nahin He Tamana-e-Sarwari Laikin
Khudi Ki Moat Ho Jis Mein Woh Sarwari Kya Hai
Only! Just Through eyesight a decision of heart is made
But if eyesight doesn’t have sharpness then what is the value of power of attraction
Who doesn’t yearn for superiority, leadership, upper status? But
What is superiority, leadership, and upper status if it means that your Khudi is dead in the process?
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Khudhi Ko Ker Buland Itna Ke Her Taqdeer Se Pehle
Khuda Bande Se Khud Pochay Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai
Raise your rank so high that before destiny is decided
God himself asks you “What is your Will?”
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Galla To Ghoant Dia Ahl-e-Madrassa Ne Tera
Kahan Se Ayae Sadda La Ilah Ill Lallah
The inhabitants of madrassah have choked your throat
Now from where will come the voice of La Ilah Ill Lallah?
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Her Shay Musaafi Her Cheez Raahi
Kya Chand Tare Kya Murgh-o-Maahi
Everything is traveling, on a journey; everything is bound to perish
What moon? What birds?
Kuch Qadar Apni Tu Ne Na jaani
Yeh Be-Sawaadi Yeh Kam Nigahi (should be besawadi, rahat sings besawami)
Peere-Haram Ko Daikha Hai Mein Ne
Qirdar Be-Soaz Guftar Wahi
Some of it is your fault; that you have not yet realized your value
This life void of spark and purpose, This lack of foresight and under sightedness
I have seen the guardian of Harem (referring to vast majority of Mullah and clergy)
In character there is no attraction, and speech is useless vain talk
Daikh…Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Look!….Set your own standard
Dil-e-Toor-e-Seena-o-Faaraan Do Neem
Tajali Ka Phir Muntazir He Qaleem
Musalmaan He Tawheed Mein Garam Joash
Magar Dil Abhi Taak He Zunaar Poash
Cut open is the heart of Sinai and Faran,
And Moses waits for a renewed appearance of God
Muslim passionately says that God is One!
But his heart is Still a heathen caught up in idol rituals:
Tamadun, Taswauf, Shariat, Kallam
Buttaan-e-Ajam ke poojari tamamm
Haqeeqat Khurafat Mein Kho Gayee
Yeh Ummat Rawaiat Mein Kho Gayee
In culture, mysticism, canon law, And dialectical theology
He worships idols of non-Arab make.
The truth has been lost in absurdities,
And in traditions is this ummah rooted still.
(The truth was lost in trifles, vain disputes
And the nation was lost in conventions and traditions)
Daikh, Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Look!….Set your own standard
Lubhata He Dil Ko Qalam-e-Khateeb
Magar Lazzat-e-Shoaq Se Be-Naseeb
Bayan Uss Ka Mantak Se Suljha Hooa
Lughat Ke Bakheron Mein Uljha Hooa
The speaker’s (Khateeb-Mullah) rhetoric is Enchanting,
But is devoid of passion
His speech is clothed in neat logic
But lost in a maze of words
Woh Sufi Ke Tha Khidmat-e-Haq Mein Mard
Muhbat me Yakta; Hamiat Mein Fard
The sufi, was unique in the love of truth,
Unique in the love of God, and in devotion
Ajam Ke Khialiat Mein Kho Gya
Yeh Saaliq Maqamat Mein Kho Gya
Bujhi Ishq Ki Aag Andhair Hai
Musalmaan Nahin Raakh Ka Dhair Hai
He got lost in foreign ideas
He was lost in the hierarchic ranks
The fire of love is extinguished
Muslim is no more he is a heap of ashes
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Shrab-e-Kohan Phir Pila Sa Kia
Wohi Jam Gardish Mein La Sa Kia
Mujhe Ishq Ke Pur Laga Ker Ura
Meri Khaq Jugnoo Bana Ker Ura
O Saqi (O God’s Beloved)! Give me the old wine again(Intoxication of Tawhid)!
Let the potent cup go round!
Let me soar on the wings of love
Make my dust bright and fly
Hari Shaakh Millat Tere Num Se Hay
Nafas Iss Badan Mein Tere Dam Se Hai
Tarapne Pharakne ki Taufeeq De
Dil-e-Murtaza Soaz-e-Siddiq de
You are the one that can provide nourishment to this nation
You are the one that can sustain it
Make them alive, restless, stir them shake them up
Give them Ali’s heart; give them Siddiq’s passion;
Jiggar Se Wohi Teer Phir Paar Ker
Tamana Ko Seeno Mein Bedaar Ker
Tere Asmanoo Ke Taroan Ki Khair
Zameeno ke Shab Zinda-Daron Ki khair
Let the same old love pierce their hearts;
Awaken in them a burning zeal, will, determination;
Let the stars throw down their spears,
And let the earth’s dwellers tremble
Jawanao Ko Soaz-e-Jigar Baksh De
Mera Ishq Meri Nazar Baksh De
Give the young a passion that consumes;
Give them my vision, my love of God;
Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Set your own standard
Dyar-e-Ishq Mein Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Naya Zamana Nayae Subho Shaam Paida Ker
Create a place for thyself in the realm of love;
Create a new age, new days and nights.
Khuda Agar Dil-e-Fitrat Shinaas De Tujhko
Sukoot-e-Laalaa-o-Gul Se Kalaam Paida Kar
Mein Shaakh Taak Hoon Meri Nazar He Mera Samar
Mere Samar Se Naye la-lafam Paida Ker
If God grants you a heart of nature that can understand nature (fitrah),
Create poetry(talking Kalaam) from the silence of Tulips and roses.
My ghazal is the essence of my life-blood,
Create thy elixir of life out ‘of this essence.
Mera Tareek Ameeri Nahi Faqeeri Hai
My ways are not wealth but poverty (contentment),
Na Momin He Na Momin Ki Ameeri
Raha Sufi Gayee Roshan Zameeri
Khuda Se Phir Wohi Qalb-o-Nazar Maang
Nahin Mumkin Ameeri Be Faqeeri
Neither there is a Muslim (Believer) nor his power/wealth remains;
The Sufi has outlived his radiant soul;
Ask God for the heart and soul of men of the past (righteous generations),
Become a fakir (contentment), first! to regain your lost power/wealth.
Mera Tareek Ameeri Nahi Faqeeri Hai
Khudi Na Baich Ghareebi Mein Naam Paida Kar
My ways are not wealth but poverty (contentment),
Do not sell selfhood, create honor in poverty.
(My way of life is poverty (contentment), not the pursuit of wealth)
(Barter not thy Selfhood; win a name in adversity)
Dyar-e-Ishq Mein Apna Maqaam Paida Ker
Naya Zamana Nayae Subho Shaam paida ker
Create a place for thyself in the realm of love;
Create a new age, new days and nights.
-Allama Iqbal