The Song of Nanak

Taking notes on how to Sing like Guru Nanak

  • What is not Guru Nanak's song: work hard, naam japo, vand chhako. How about fight the right fight? How about revolution? That is part of Guru Nanak's teaching. What is that part of? Working hard? I dont think so. Naam Japna ... not in the way it is defined here. Serving? A noble cause, perhaps this is what it is but I don't think so. 
  • The Baghdad analogy. Going elsewhere. Talking to someone who is not your kith and kin. And talking to convince. A whole different kind of love is needed.   
  • His philosophy is to sing. The learning how to sing is a lifetime objective. 
  • Why not just listen to exactly what he said. Naam Japo. But how. And even that he tells us. 
  • While I do get requests for me to teach singing. And before I hear thanks for this, let me remind you: Hold your praise or gratitude.  I am not doing this for you.  I am doing this for me. I am doing this so I can sing better. If you can sing better because of this, the gratitude goes to where the song originated, not to me.  

Remember Naam

Always. Guru Arjan's Saas Saas and Bhinni Rainariye. Perpetual Motion (Tony Hoagland). Incessant.  

Multiple ways. There is no one way - example composed something from upanishads. The freedom of music. The freedom of expression. It opens everything up. 

Truth.  Truth. The song reminds of the truths that cannot be questioned. Like John Keats says, "[poetry] should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance."

Learning. You don't have to be different. You can learn from many people. Picking the true guru. The key difference between the. The true guru directs you to truth.

Sehaj. The music comes naturally. The song happens. Like John Keats says, " if poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree, it had better not come at all." With ease. 

Love. Guru Arjan Dev's Stranger. 

Good deeds. Deh Shiva. Miles to go before. Bhai Gurdas -mullahs. 

Sweet words. [included in good deeds]

Good listening. [included in good deeds]

Travel. Travel into the mind. Guru Gobind Singh's Sanyasa. Tony Hoagland's Perpetual motion. 

Swimming - Crossing with ocean with Bhagat Namdev. [same as travel?]

Focus. This person is sending me Rumi quotes everyday. one instrument. one companion. focused on traveling for so long. then focused on farming. meditative practice which was morning and evening. He was able to accomplish so much because of focus.

Humility. Guru Nanak was first and foremost a student. The sikhs call him Guru. example I asked someone the meaning of these lines by Bhai Gurdas. falling on the feet. He fell at the feet of people? All the stories we have show how people fell at his feet. But Guru Nanak was different. He actually fell at the feet of those who were enlightened. 


John Keats: "... if poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree, it had better not come at all."