Koi yeh kaise bataaye ke - Lyrics, Translation and Video

Lyrics, followed by Translation -

Song: Koi Yeh Kaise Bataaye
Singer: Jagjit Singh
Music Director: Jagjit Singh
Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi


koi yeh kaise bataaye ke, wo tanahaa kyon hai
wo jo apanaa thaa wahee, aur kisee kaa kyon hai
yahee duniyaan hai to fir, ayesee ye duniyaan kyon hai - 1

yahee hotaa hai to aakhir, yahee hotaa kyon hai? 

ik zara haath badhaa de to, pakad le daaman
uske seene mein samaa jaaye, humaaree dhadkan
itni kurbat hain to phir, faaslaa itnaa kyon hai?

dil-e-barabaad se niklaa naheen, ab tak koee
ik loote ghar pe diyaa karataa hai, dastak koee
aas jo toot gayee; phir se; bandhaataa kyon hai?

tum masarrat kaa kaho yaa ise ghum kaa rishtaa
kahate hain, pyaar kaa rishtaa hai janam kaa rishtaa
hai janam kaa jo ye rishtaa to, badalataa kyon hai?



How can someone tell 
why she is still alone?
One who was once just mine,
why is she someone else's now?
If this is really how the world is 
why is it that the world is like this?
And if this is how it happens 
why does it happen at all?

If she lets me touch her 
I would hold her saree
In her chest would reside
my heart beat
If there is such intimacy
why is there so much distance?

From a broken heart 
nobody can leave
In a looted house 
a candle knocks
When hope is extinguished
why does she reignite it?

Call it a relationship of joy 
or a relationship of grief
They say that love is 
a relationship that lasts forever
If a relationship lasts forever 
then why does it change?