Emily Dickinson on Prayer and Worship

Prayer is about asking
worship is about giving
Prayer  about expecting
worship about accepting
Prayer complains
worship celebrates
Prayer is a cry
Worship, a song
Shiv, Sing!

E.D. #564        My period had come for Prayer –
1862                No other Art – would do –
                        My tactics missed a rudiment –
                        Creator – Was it you?

                        God grows above – so those who pray
                        Horizons – must ascend –
                        And so I stepped upon the North
                        To see this Curious Friend –

                        His House was not – no sign had He –
                        By Chimney – nor by Door
                        Could I infer his Residence –
                        Vast Prairies of Air

                        Unbroken by a Settler –
                        Were all that I could see –
                        Infinitude – Had’st Thou no Face
                        That I might look on Thee?

                        The Silence condescended –
                        Creation stopped – for Me –
                        But awed beyond my errand –
                        I worshipped – did not "pray’ –