Every Day a Friday - Reading for the flight

I am just about to get on to a flight and pass through a store. First bought a strawberry banana smoothie. Was looking for some magazines. Pondered over scientific american for a while. It had a story on how future generations will be much smarter. Wondering if that is true, those philosophers of yesteryears must have been far ahead of their times.

But then I Chose to buy this book. I think it will be a fun to read. I have been listening to Joel Osteen's lectures. And I liked the concept of "Every Day a Friday". Let's see what it has.

What do i think to start with? Its interesting that philosophers of today are rejecting the now philosophy. "living in the now" does not use our powerful ability to dream. People are 10% happier on Friday than other days says the book. I bet people are less happy on Sunday. If you make everyday a Friday, then you gain this power to dream everyday about a brighter future. I say living in the hope of tomorrow is sweeter than living in the now. And what's the harm? The purpose of life is not to hold back. There are no compromises that need to be made. The purpose of life is to sing.

I'll write more as I read.