Give up your frown if you want love

Give up your frown if you want love.  Give up this bitter speech.  Give up your desires.  Give up your ego.  Then Sing!  This is what I read from Guru Arjan today:

mwQY iqRkutI idRsit krUir ]
maathai tarikutee darisat karoor.
A frown creases her forehead, and her look is evil.

bolY kauVw ijhbw kI PUiV ]
bolai ka-urhaa jihbaa kee foorh.
Her speech is bitter, and her tongue is rude.

sdw BUKI ipru jwnY dUir ]1]
sadaa bhookhee pir jaanai door. ||1||
She is always hungry, and she believes her Husband to be far away. ||1||

AYsI iesqRI iek rwim aupweI ]
aisee istaree ik raam upaa-ee.
Such is Maya, the woman, which the One Lord has created.

auin sBu jgu KwieAw hm guir rwKy myry BweI ] rhwau ]
un sabh jag khaa-i-aa ham gur raakhay mayray bhaa-ee. rahaa-o.
She is devouring the whole world, but the Guru has saved me, O my Siblings of Destiny. ||Pause||

pwie TgaulI sBu jgu joihAw ]
paa-ay thag-ulee sabh jag johi-aa.
Administering her poisons, she has overcome the whole world.

bRhmw ibsnu mhwdyau moihAw ]
barahmaa bisan mahaaday-o mohi-aa.
She has bewitched Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

gurmuiK nwim lgy sy soihAw ]2]
gurmukh naam lagay say sohi-aa. ||2||
Only those Gurmukhs who are attuned to the Naam are blessed. ||2||

vrq nym kir Qwky punhcrnw ]
varat naym kar thaakay punharchanaa.
Performing fasts, religious observances and atonements, the mortals have grown weary.

qt qIrQ Bvy sB Drnw ]
tat tirath bhavay sabh Dharnaa.
They wander over the entire planet, on pilgrimages to the banks of sacred rivers.

sy aubry ij siqgur kI srnw ]3]
say ubray je satgur kee sarnaa. ||3||
But they alone are saved, who seek the Sanctuary of the True Guru. ||3||

mwieAw moih sBo jgu bwDw ]
maa-i-aa mohi sabho jag baaDhaa.
Attached to Maya, the whole world is in bondage.

haumY pcY mnmuK mUrwKw ]
ha-umai pachai manmukh mooraakhaa.
The foolish self-willed manmukhs are consumed by their egotism.

gur nwnk bwh pkir hm rwKw ]4]2]96]
gur naanak baah pakar ham raakhaa. ||4||2||96||
Taking me by the arm, Guru Nanak has saved me. ||4||2||96||