One does not really think about it until it is imminent. Until then you are just being amused by the drama happening around you. Sometimes happy in fond hope of the future's prospects, at other times devastated by dejection.

It is so important ... life is not sustainable with out it. It brings peace. If I had it I would not be proud. I would have no reason to have pride. For all that I had done would not matter. I would not be embarrassed. Everything that I could fail would not matter either. With it I would be in peace. Not happy, nor sad. Peaceful.

But truth is so bright that you cannot look in its eye. One can be blinded. So very few make an attempt leaving a handful few who understand it. Most stay as far as possible from it.

"Don't name it" said my neighbor's grandmother in India. Like if you would name it and it would be standing at your door waiting on you. Now that would be disaster. The world would end. If in the next second someone promised heaven in return for having it, we would still not want it.

It, death, is inescapable.

For the Indie Ink Writing Challenge this week, Amanda challenged me with "I had to look really far down, deep deep under everything" and I challenged Lance with "These are a few of my favorite things".


  1. A very thoughtful and profound piece, Shiv. Thank you for this.