Dulhani - Translation of Kabir's Wedding Song

Translation of Dulhani

gaa-o gaa-o ree dulhanee mangalchaaraa.
mayray garih aa-ay raajaa raam bhataaraa.

Sing, sing, O soul bride,
sing the song of my marriage
King Raam has come to my house
to become my husband

tan rainee man pun rap kar
ha-o paacha-o tat baraatee.
raam raa-ay si-o bhaavar laiha-o
aatam tih rang raatee.

I make my body the dying vat, and within it, I dye my mind.
I make the five elements my marriage guests.
As I take my marriage vows with the Lord, my King;
my soul is too imbued with His Love.

naabh kamal meh baydee rach lay
barahm gi-aan uchaaraa.
raam raa-ay so doolahu paa-i-o
as badbhaag hamaaraa. ||2||

Make the lotus from the navel (where Brahma sits) my bridal pavilion
And let Brahma say the wisdom
I have obtained the Lord King as my Husband
such is my great good fortune. ||2||

suir nr muin jn kauqk Awey koit qyqIs aujwnW ]
sur nar mun jan ka-utak aa-ay
kot taytees ujaanaaN.
kahi kabeer mohi bi-aahi chalay hai
purakh ayk bhagvaanaa. ||3||2||24||

Angles, holy men, sages, and deities have come
in thousands of heavenly chariots to see
my husband take me with him
as I am married to the One Almighty ||3||2||24||