Compilation of Asa Ki Vaar (The Ballad of Hope)

Here is a list of some Asa ki Vaar recordings that I like. Also notice our blog post related to this topic: Asa KI Vaar or Asa DI Vaar?

The first recording one is done by Bhai Baljeet Singh and Bhai Gurmeet Singh with tanti saaz (although a better mastering job is definitely possible here):

Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Baljeet Singh, Bhai Gurmeet Singh

The second one by Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shaant starts with a melodius Bhinni Rainariye in an ever majestic and hopeful taal Deepchandi:

Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shaant

At there is a compilation of Asa ki Vaar from various Ragis: Asa ki Vaar. Others that I like here are:

Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Rajinder Singh
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Inderjeet Singh
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Kirpal Singh
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Tejinder Singh
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Taralbir Singh
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Sukhwinder Singh

Some rare recordings:
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Lal
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Surjan Singh

For the classical music enthusiast, its worth noting that several morning Raags are used in Asa ki Vaar; I have yet to hear an Asa ki Vaar sung entirely in Raag Asa.

For example the following is just the beginning of Asa ki Vaar -- a polished recording, but the flute starts with Asa Maand not Asa (thats a usual problem when you ask an Indian classical musician to play Asa, they do Asa Maand). Notice how Asa transitions into Bilawal in the middle.
Asa ki Vaar - Bhai Balwinder Singh

Other resources:
Info on Asa ki vaar:
Text and Translation -

Katha - Asa ki Vaar - Sant Singh Maskeen
A nice series of videos of Bhai Ravinder Singh singing Asa ki Vaar:

Another one worth mentioning features the classic Bhai Surjan Singh ...

... who sings the omnipresent "Jo Mangeh Thakur" as part of Asa ki vaar:


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